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Dear Friends,

Hello and Happy New Year! Please join us Sunday, February 18th, at 6:30 PM in Venice, for a lot of Peru and a little Dirty South. We'll begin with Palomas and Choros a la Chalaca, mussels Limeño style, served cold with lime, chilis, tomato, and red onion. Next is a salad of pig ears cooked sous vide and later deep fried, grilled (not fried) green tomatoes, and a mix of chicories. Mackerel Escabeche, fish preserved in vinegar and the Peruvian pepper aji panca, with tomatoes, onion, and yucca follows. For our main, we’ve chosen Locro de Zapallo. Popular throughout the Andes, this spicy stew of winter squash, cheese, and the Peruvian pepper aji amarillo will be garnished with quinoa falafel and turnip greens. And for dessert: Coconut Chess Pie. Beloved by Southerners, this mix of butter, sugar, vanilla, and cornmeal gets a tropical twist with the addition of coconut.

The pleasure will be ours. Tickets are $60.00 without pairings and $80.00 with, you can find them here

The pleasure will be ours.
Danielle and Pablo