Dear Friends, 

We're thrilled to return to Compton's Moonwater Farm, Sunday, August 27th, at 6:30PM. The evening begins with passionfruit margaritas and mini causas filled with ridgeback prawns and a spicy aioli. Next up--and inspired by a fit of decadence--is oyster stew with chorizo and fennel. A salad of watermelon and the Andean sauce uchucuta follows. Pablo's will feature French feta, local manzano peppers, and the Andean mint huacatay. For our main, we'll roast collar from our favorite pork purveyors, Peads & Barnetts. It'll be rubbed in aji panca, cumin, coriander, and other spices and served alongside okra, blistered cherry tomatoes, and heirloom beans. And for dessert: a mascarpone tart topped with the divine and peerless Harry's Berries strawberries. Please let me know if you'd prefer the grain-free and low glycemic version. It's pretty great, I promise.

Tickets are $95 with pairings and $80 without. You can claim your seat at the table here. As always, the pleasure will be ours. 

Nos vemos.
Danielle and Pablo