Dear  Friends, 

A few years ago, on my twenty-somethingth birthday, Pablo treated me to lunch at Mas (la grillade). The meal began with oysters grilled over open fire and ended with Breton Butter Cake. The waiter suggested it be paired with a twenty five dollar glass of the Hungarian dessert wine, Tokaji Aszú. At first it seemed a bit much, but then I remembered one only turns twenty-something so many times. At first sip I understood why it was Marie Antoinette’s drink of choice.

Since then, Pablo and I have developed an affinity for the wines of Hungary. Furmint is especially dear to us as few varietals dance so well with Pablo’s blend of citrus, heat, and aromatics. As for Tokaji Aszú, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better match for the South’s most decadent desserts. All of this is to say we could not be more thrilled for our next dinner. 

Friday, November 18th, at 7PM in Silverlake, we’ll have the pleasure of hosting winemaker Samuel Tinon. Originally from Bordeaux, Mr. Tinon practiced his craft in Australia, Texas, Chile, and Italy before settling in Tokaj in 1991. The ultimate goal was to one day produce his own sweet wines; ones that would rival the best of his native France. “It took me ten years,” he says, “to express in Tokaj what I had in mind.” And now the fruits of his labor will be ours and yours!

In addition to his much revered Tokaji Aszú, Samuel is now making dry white wines. We’ll begin with three of these before moving to his 2007 Dry Szamorodni, a deeply aromatic and oxidized blend of Furmint, Hárslevelű. We’ll conclude with his 2007 Aszú. 

This dinner is a unique opportunity to experience the region through one of its best winemakers. Additionally, you’ll taste for yourself the curious chemistry of Peruvian savories paired with Hungarian wines and Aszú matched with a classic Southern sweet. Lima to Louisville by way of Hungary, it just works. 

Tickets are $120.00 per guest and available here. Please note space is limited.

Nos vemos, 
Danielle and Pablo